06-Turbo-ICT & BCM-RF涡轮积分电流传感器和射频束电荷积分器
06-Turbo-ICT & BCM-RF涡轮积分电流传感器和射频束电荷积分器
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Turbo-ICT & BCM-RF

Turbo Integrating Current Transformer & RF Beam Charge Monitor

Optimized for low bunch charge and low current

Noise in CW beam and macropulse measurement

0.1 µArms

Noise in single bunch measurement

10 fC


80dB measurement range without range switching
Resolution 1% / accuracy 4% of measured value
DC Output voltage, logarithmically proportional to input current or input charge
USB 2.0 controls and readout up to 5kS/s
Negligible magnetic field dependence
UHV compatible down to 1E-10 mbar

Two packaging types for  the Turbo-ICT sensor

Turbo-ICT is mounted directly on the beam line
UHV compatible to 1E-10 mbar
Improved radiation tolerance on option
Ceramic gap vacuum-brazed over kovar transition
Material AISI-304, 316LN on option
Arbitrary shape aperture on option
1 core, 2 cores or 4 cores on option
Calibrated charge generator on option

 Turbo-ICT-VAC is installed in a laser-plasma vacuum enclosure

Vacuum compatible to 1E-7 mbar

Calibrated charge generator option not available

1 core or 2 cores on option

BCM-RF-E allows two modes of operation:

  • Track-Continuous mode for CW beam and long macropulses.

  • Sample&Hold mode for single bunch, with auto trigger feature.

Output is logarithmically proportional to beam current or bunch charge.
BCM-IHR-E inserts into a wired station of BCM-RFC, the 19” 3U RF-shielded chassis including power supplies.

Up to 10 stations per chassis can be installed.


CW beam and macropulses

Single bunch

Measurement range

0.5µA – 3mA

50fC – 300pC

Bunch repetition

10MHz – 350MHz

Single bunch <2MHz


0 - +5V, log of
beam current

0 - +5V, log of
beam current